Friday, 20 March 2015

20th March 2015

I did a doodle today, in fact two doodles today, for the #colour_collective. This week's colour is Mustard Yellow, so my original thought was lets not reinvent the wheel. This led to my silly dachshund in fancy dress.... of course!

However, today is quite a significant day in the grand world of all things worldly and out-of-this-worldly. A full eclipse, the first in 16 years (I stood in a car park in Hemel Hempsted for the last one) and this year I was truly blessed to be in one of the few parts of the country to have clear skies, and blue skies at that. The eclipse was stunning and blindingly so. As a result, I have based my second doodle on a photo of the eclipse. Not a true reflection of the picture, but how the eclipse was in my mind.

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