Wednesday, 25 March 2015

25th March 2015

I did a doodle today after a visit to the opticians. One of the tests is for colour sensitivity and recognition. Far from concentrating on the test, I was drawn in to the patterns and how the different colour variations made me think of different things and see the pattern (the same every time) in a different way each time.

Now this is not a revelation. Obviously. But it did get my creative mind whirring away (ooooo I love that) and I got home and started pattern doodling and seeing what patterns looked like in different colours.

So here is one of my patterns. This one is literally based on the opticians colour test today. I created my version and then changed the colour of it several times and this is what I see (and I expect there are some serious psychological issues here!!!).

What do you see?

Petri dish of red blood cells

Fanta Orange Bubbles

Swiss Cheese


Bath bubbles


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