Wednesday, 20 May 2015

20th May 2015 - Guest Doodle

My daughter did a doodle today! and blew me away in the process...

Always watching and interested in what I'm doing, my four year old asked if she could do a drawing on my computer using my graphics drawing pad. She's once had a go with Adobe Illustrator (the results I previously posted on this blog), but she'd never had a go with my (very basic) graphics pad, so imagine my surprise when she produced the image below!

Now it is worth noting that my graphics pad is not one of those (rather useful) ones where you can look at the pad and see what you are drawing - oh no, you have to watch your computer screen... a special kind of multi-tasking/co-ordination required!

Apparently, she tells me, it is her at ballet school. Obviously. And 'wow'. All I did was change the colours for her and the brush thicknesses - the rest is 100% her work.

I think I may have a budding illustrator in the making :)

My graphics pad!

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