Thursday, 5 March 2015

5th March 2015

I did a doodle today, well three doodles as part of 'Thursday's 3 Things'.

Thing 1.
Working on a client document this morning and got my illustration going way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off mark, turning what should have been 'generic dudes' in to some actually quite freaky, frightening horror film castings. Stick man was by far the best. Back to the drawing board tomorrow!

Thing 2.
Lunch in a lovely country pub always brings about a little randomness, and I was not disappointed today. Five minutes of arrival and we had claimed a new friend, aka Fred from the Village. Fabulous old gent and not shy in coming forward, so opened with a hat story and how said hat is now listed in his will. This then led to the sharing of what he wishes to happen to his body when he dies - he has donated it to medical research. Brave and interesting, but not the best bit... If Fred dies outside of 50 miles from his chosen donation hospital, he has to pay the additional transportation costs ('dead' not being a viable excuse to not pay).

Thing 3.
Back to the doctors again with Little One for more ear checks. Little children and ear wax. Where does it all come from?

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