Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Doodily Organised

As those who know me will testify, politely I am sure, I like to be a tad organised. It is not a controlling thing by any means, it is simply that forty years of trying things through different ways and means has led me to the unashamed reality that I work best with structure and organisation. Clean desk, neat lists, time-tabled events... I do manage to throw in a fair bit of impromptu spontaneity too.

As such, I am introducing a bit of structure to this blog. Rather than completely random, spur of the moment, muse of the day, thought of the hour approach, I am theming my days. Now I may not always stick to the daily theme, if something more colourful and inspirational with three heads and flowers for feet pops along, then it's every doodle for themselves. But to try to help me get the best out of my doodle time, I now have a doodle day planner...

Now, if any of you would like to join in, then please jump on board any day of the week and throw your creative two pennies worth in to the mix. Simply tweet @vrheal_author #ididadoodletoday

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