Sunday, 26 April 2015

26th April 2015

I did a doodle today because it appears that crabs make little girls scream!

Personally, I love a good crab sandwich on granary (sadly gluten free, not quite the same). So after a little bit of teasing, I felt I should hit the rock pools and try to show the 'beauty' of a crab. A somewhat tough mission convincing a four year old girl of a crab's beauty, but hey ho, I'm not easily deterred!

Rock pools. Can't beat them. Several hours of guaranteed fun with splashing, slipping, giggling, squealing, catching, exploring, a bit more squealing and bingo. A crab. So ensconced in a bucket with sand, water and some dubious looking seaweed, Little One had made Crab Cottage a desirable bijou residence for our pincered friend. Here he happily stayed, a little bored and confused, but beady eyes alert.

So it turns out that crabs are "pretty cool", but not as beautiful as shells (the bucket got reassigned and crab-in-residence unceremoniously plopped back in to the rock pool). Oh well.

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